Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goa Part 3 - Anjuna Day 1

After an 'exciting' cab ride we finally arrived at our hotel in Anjuna - the Anjuna Villa. It turned out to be a sweet little hotel with a nice pool and great location set back from the beach. Jed used the Internet cafe to finally get in touch with someone who could get in touch with his friend Ben.

NOTE - much less photos and events today as I mainly chilled on the beach and relaxed. :P

After that we wandered down, most places were semi-permanent structures, we were on the main street perpendicular to the beach, by there was a rocky cliff, we wondered where the beach was so we walked along the water front passing lots of shops selling mainly clothes that would be gold for a dead concert

Found a great place for lunch right on the water just before the beach started with a little rocky cliff- had a little CTM rice and Nan.

Jed ordered a walnut alcohol drink - which I sampled - god awful.

Jed's friend Ben arrived - really cool guy who is a professional poker player, afraid of Indian food though so he got rice and ketchup!?!?

Walked down to the beach finally and found where the main area was where people swim etc.

Nice beach, very chill not too busy at all. Many women trying to sell stuff, I can't remember how many times I heard:

"My friend, how are you" and "come see my shop" the sellers were all woman and ranged from about 12 years to 35.

(Ben trying to ignore the shop sellers)

The weirdest thing on the beach though were the cows. Yes cows on the beach.

Had a few drinks and just chilled out on the beach all afternoon and had some Kingfishers.

Went for a swim - the water was the perfect temperature, but a little salty.

Tried to go to a recommended restaurant dinner , but it was closed so we went to another recommendation which turned out to be the wrong place. It looked awesome from the outside but as we walked down the steps towards a gorgeous outside patio we were redirected to a dingy cafeteria inside, we all decided to bail and instead grabbed another taxi and went to the end of the beach strip. We ate at this nice place near where we drank during the day right on the beach with candles on our tables facing the water. The menu had EVERYTHING and there were too many options, I figured Indian was the safest so I went with butter chicken and it was the best meal I had on the trip - who woulda thunk?

After dinner and drinks we went looking for a nightlife and walked along the beach in pretty much the dark, trying to avoid getting our feet wet. It seemed like NOTHING was going on and we went by this little restaurant on the cliff to have another drink. Scott got a god-awful Indian whiskey and I got another Kingfisher. There most interesting thing about the restaurant were the mangy wild dogs just sitting around. One looked like he was going to die any minute and another was a huge black one that was seriously scary. Finally there was a little shizoue like guy with totally cloudy eyes that I thought looked like the devil - this one scared Ben the most. :P

We decided to call it a night and make the next night the big one.

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