Friday, February 27, 2009

Are we going through bat village?

The title is a quote from earlier tonight when Scott and I went searching for the laundry room and had to rely on the fact that the various bats flying through our path were smart enough not to hit us. :P

Anyways quick update since I am EXHAUSTED from what seems like one of the longest weeks of my life.

Quick rant: a told I am happy with my courses here at ISB, the one exception being my Green and Sustainable Technology class. It seems that the professor for the course didn't get the memo that term 8 is supposed to be a little easier on everyone here and so he added a FOURTH individual assignment. He also did so AFTER the drop date so I am essentially stuck with the course. To top it off the assignments themselves are brutal - not only are they totally based off of microeconomics and the joys of P = X - Q and deadweight loss, but they are long and hard (that's what she said).

Apparently there is a minor revolt happening in the class where people are going to the TA to complain, but like everything here I expect the rules to be followed. One piece of good news on that front is that I found out today that another one of my classes had the individual assignments dropped from 2 per half term to 1. Luckily I found this out before attempting my second.

In more positive news tomorrow Scott and I are going on a all expenses paid tour of the city courtest of ISB. Should be pretty kewl and I will take lots of photos.

I will give more details after I get some much needed sleep.

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