Monday, February 23, 2009

What the f*ck is that!?!

Well we have bats here as I think I've mentioned, they are bigger than in Canada and seem harmless enough. We pass a family of them on the way back to our room at night every day.

Tonight we found out, though, that not only do we have bats but we have REALLY FREAKING BIG BLACK BATS. Scott noticed a birdish creature flying near a tree that we could see mainly in siloutte. He suggested a bat but i appeared to me to be like a big Raven or Hawk or something, then it landed on the branch and hung upside down and began to steo along it upside down. The branch itself actually hung down the thing was so big - Walking up to get a cloer lookmade it pop off and fly again - I am guessing 3 1/2 foot winspan at least. INSANE.

Othe fun wildlife: I also forgot to mention on day 1 we saw a beettle the size of a mouse I sh*t you not. It was upside down with its crazy beatle legs just flailing. The bug was beyond the reasonable abiity to squash size.

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