Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Had my first classes yesterday and today, looks like the academics here are solid though Scott had more of a mixed bag than I did. My biggest problem right now is figuring out the best course mix and number of classes to take.

Currently I have:

Strategic Partnerships (looks like a tough but good class taught by profs from LBS and Wharton)
Green Technology and Sustainability (I have covered some of this at Queen's but I figured this is a must do because of A.T. Kearney's leadership in this area,)
Outsourcing and IT Based Business (this is a razor's edge course for me, I thought it would make sense given my IT background but after the first class it looks like it may be too straightforward and the class has one section and its small so that's not a good sign...)
Innovation Management (this is one that I have later tonight, we'll see if I keep it since it has less applicability to what I want to do right now)

I also sat in on International Marketing today - which Scott is also taking - and that looks pretty cool too.

So right now I am torn between dropping one of my two courses from IT for marketing, dropping both and taking marketing, or just dropping one and not taking marketing.

Most people here seem to only take 2-3 courses so my 4 may be a bit much; I only need two to graduate from Queen's so that's not an issue. Going to see after tonight how I feel about things.

Update: Dropped Outsourcing because it appeared to be not too interesting given my background and experience. Innovation looks interesting, I am going to try to switch sections to an earlier one. Think I will try to move into International marketing also (maybe Scott's section depending).

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