Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grades at ISB

So besides all the traveling and blog writing I am actually do a lot of school work. By popular request here is a school-centric blog entry.

So the grading at ISB turns out to be a little weird. For my Green Technology and Sustainable Enterprise or GTSE (which I pronouce goatse - DO NOT GOOGLE THAT - you have been warned.) Anyways, I got my mark for class participation and it was knda low at 8.6 out of 12.5, now considering I talk more than anyone else (surprise!) and make lots of good points (I think anyways) that seemed on the low end of things. It turns out the class average is 4.8 out of 12.5 and he just going to bell everything at the end- wtf? On my two assignments I have done much better with the last one I got 11/12, but the class average was 7. So right now the class average is pretty much failing but I have an 80, which seems kinda dumb.

Class participation or CP as they call it here, makes up a sizable portion of the grades here - usually about 25% of you grade. Scott and I have both figured out though that it is simply a game - you make a point in class and the Academic Assistant (like a TA) checks your name, make two or more and you are in the upper third of the class. The problem with this system is that a LOT of people make points that are irrelevant or non-value added and it eats into precious lecture time. It does encourage otherwise quiet people to contribute though so I am not sure how I feel about it overall. I find for myself that if I do the readings and the case (and even if I don't do the readings really) then I have some points to make.

It turns out that I have gained a reputation around school for my class participation here at ISB (good as it turns out). When another student complained about their mark apparently they were told to be more like me. :P I was also given feedback from a friend here that everyone appreciates the work I am putting into the readings etc., but I don't really feel like I am doing too much (compared to the last couple months at Queens when I was loaded).

Turning to marketing Scott and I got our marks back on our papers which we both felt were pretty substandard work for us. Regardless we both got clear As, well ahead of the class average, with Scotty edging me out by a nose. The other courses I have no idea where I stand right now, but I think I am doing ok.

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