Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick Update

So I am done with classes at ISB (and probably my MBA since the Sales and Marketing class at Queen's looks like more work than I feel like taking on right now). :D

The last week was a bit of a blur with 5 assignments and exams in 5 days. Things were a little hectic but I got through it. The toughest thing was adjusting to the team working style here which is quite different - this was also compliciated by the fact that most people here are relatively checked out mentally regarding clases since it is their last term, and people are frustrated and worried about the recruiting process.

Yesterday after I submitted my final exam in Strategic Innovation I went to Goa with Scott and another exchange student named Jed who is from Wharton. We stayed in a hotel in Panjim that cost us $3 each so you can imagine how shitty it was. :P

today we moved to Anjuna beach, where we stay for three days, which is pretty sweet thus far.

I'll give a more full update on the last two weeks, including pics, once I am back at ISB Wednesday before I fly back.

Can't wait to get home (but enjoying a well-earned vacation). :)

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