Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend happenings

This past week has been a blur and time seems to be accelerating towards our trip back.

Saturday was a SECOND Holid Day. This was the official one sanctioned by the school so less Bhang but a HELL of a lot more paint - this t time they were in buckets and people were flinging. I felt that I had already done it Wednesday so I went with Scott just to check it out, but next thing I know I am covered in paint again. :P

Even though it was 1 1/2 hours after it was supposed to start there weren't nearly as many people as last time, and the people that were there I didn't know well. Scott and I decided to leave after a bit to grab some lunch, he went back but I went home to watch some TV and nap (after showering of course - this time things came out a lot easier). Apparently the scene picked up afterwards because when I saw Scott again he looked like this:

That night we went out to a club called Touch around 10:30 - the cover was 3,000 Rupees, which is about $75(!). Luckly one of the other exchange students Erika, had got us on the guest list. Still the drinks were EXPENSIVE - I paid more than I want to admit for Scott and I to have a Red Bull and Vodka each. The club itself was interesting; pretty small by club standards, but well put together. It had an all-white theme, with some interesting things in it. For example people were smoking Hookah a lot more than they were drinking. There was also a pointless ice bar with a security guard standing outside.

We all danced, but the music was a little too techno for my liking (the bass was so strong that my shirt was moving). Crazily the club closed at 12:30 - only 1 1/2 hours after we got there. :O can't get used to these early nights out even though I am thankful the next morning. ;)

Sunday night we went to the infamous Barbeque Nation, which is a haven for most of the exchange students here. It's an all-you-eat meat restaurant not unlike Fogo De Chao. with table with slots in them for little barbeque modules with coals. The waiters then keep bringing you skewers of meat, or veggies that you warm up over the heat until you lower your flag.

I skipped lunch in preparation and had hunger pains on the way to the restaurant. I ate more meat than I ever have in my life and felt like my stomach was going to explode at the end. As Scott said looking at my distended belly - "I didn't know you and Trish were having a second" :P

The price was right too - only 450 rupees for EVERYTHING. That is about $11. AWESOME. We may make it a once a week deal - at the very least we are going to hit it again before we leave.

Today I got back to the grindstone with classes. I now have only 3 classes left for most of my courses - I really can't believe it. Still I have 6 assignments left (4 group ones) that I need to get done over the next 10 days, with a trip to Kerala this weekend it's going to be tough.

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  1. FINALLY had a chance to read your blog - sounds like you are having an amazing time and proving yet once again that you have a great sense of adventure in you.

    Trish is coming over tomorrow for the Catholic ritual of fish and chips on Friday in Lent. Wish you could join us.