Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nagarjuna Sagar Part II - Monkey Attack!

Alright I am probably overselling the monkey attack angle a little. :P

So after we left the dam we went to the Ettipotala waterfalls which are about 15 miles away. The waterfalls were pretty nice, there was also a full moon above them and a blood red sun to the west very neat.

Little video here.

The wildest thing (no pun intended) were the awesome little monkeys that were begging for food around the lookout point of the waterfall. Not shy at all. They looked so cute and friendly - what little did we know! ;)

We walked around the grounds a little bit and took in the sights, which included some awesome music being played , and a little street cricket.

As the sun starting going down we wanted to take the stairs down to the base of the waterfall. As we started our decent into madness we had to enter through this foreboding arch which should have scared us away.

As we continued to throw caution to the wind a final stark warning was given:

I can only assume this sign means beware of rabid monkeys who will eat your brains, abandon all hope ye who enter here. If anyone has an actual translation that would be very cool.

Then we saw the fearsome guardian of the path:

We felt that though imposing we could perhaps pass by relatively undetected, that is until he brought some friends.

And some more friends

and some more friends

and then they started to walk towards us

and get closer

and closer


Watch the fearsome video here.

When we escaped the monkeys we headed back to the bus to wait for the others, after a few more close monkey calls, and avoiding a scary old woman, we were finally able to make it back to the bus for our 4+ hour bus ride home.

Back in Hyderbad we sought to end Scotty's fast with a well deserved McChicken™ Sandwich (or two) but were denied when we found it closed. Deserted by our rickshaw driver outside a scary-after-sunset Hyderabad Center Mall (complete with a five year old boy and girl trying to sell us mint candies at midnight -wtf?) an awesome good Samaritan kid who just wanted to get a job at Infosys helped us get a cab back to ISB.

After eating a Chicken Tikka Super Sandwich from Coffee Day I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.


  1. Love the video commentary:

    J: "I'm scared of like a 12 pound monkey"
    S: "They got claws and shit"
    J: "Ya, they're really coming for us dude"
    J: "Worst thing is they are like way faster than us........if they start coming around this corner I'm gonna freak out."

    Love it. You guys seem to be having fun.

  2. - caution -

    Crocodile rehabilitation center.

    Bathing in water is prohibited.

    - Forest department –

    Translation for above board.

    BTW are you carrying any food items? If you are not carrying any food items then you can simply be brave to escape from monkeys. Once you start running they will think you have something they can eat :)

  3. Ahahahaha!!!

    So in truth the monkeys's intentions were good; they were keeping us from the far more dangerous crocs within.